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How did you choose the name "Spur"?

Spurs are an enduring symbol of rank and achievement. In the Middle Ages, knights were said to have "earned their spurs". The age of chivalry evokes a sense of adventure and purpose that has transcended time and place, through the early adventurers and pioneers of the new continent, and is currently extant amongst entrepreneurs and venture capitalists who still earn their spurs.

With our continued presence in the former Indian Territory of Oklahoma and relational ties to Europe, we face the future with a spirit of adventure, dedication, and respect for the past.

Why do you focus on early-stage venture capital?

Our experience and research has shown that this slice of the private equity spectrum provides the greatest opportunity for value-added investors to outperform the public equity markets.  

Will you invest in first-time funds?

The core of Spur's activities center around a historical base of relationships with top-tier venture firms. However, we are always looking for up-and-coming firms that will emerge into a future top-tier firm. This supposes a firm is comprised of partners with the requisite operational and venture investing experience.

How do you structure your portfolios?

We typically commit funds to venture capital partnerships over a three to four year period. The underlying partnerships typically make new investments over a three to five year time frame. This provides our limited partners with significant time diversification.

Other than venture capital partnerships, do you make investments in other areas?

We will pursue secondary interests in targeted venture capital partnerships and have an interest in investing alongside, and in support, of our venture relationships in direct private equity transactions.

Spur FAQs