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Prior to forming Spur in 2001, the Spur Directors have invested through a variety of investment conditions back to the early 1990's and have developed a steady long term orientation to the venture sector. There has been no turnover within the investment team since the inception of Spur Capital. The venture capitalists with which Spur has invested know us as a stable, reliable and value-added limited partner.


Vintage diversification is a key factor in mitigating risk. We have found that investing over a roughly three-year period enables us to build a portfolio that includes the venture capital partnerships we have targeted for investment, corresponding generally to the cycle over which venture capital funds are typically raised.

Fund Size

Our approach to investing with the best venture firms requires that we remain disciplined in the amount of capital we raise. We base our targeted fund size primarily on our anticipated support of existing venture relationships over three to four year windows, while allowing for development of a small number of newer relationships.


In addition to quarterly and annual reports, we host an annual limited partners' meeting. We strive to make these meetings informative and often include general partners' of our investee funds as speakers. The LP Link on our web site allows anytime access to information about capital accounts, quarterly reports and other information. Spur maintains a Twitter feed of timely articles about venture capital, portfolio companies and industry issues.  And of course, we are accessible by telephone or email as needed.

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